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Here are most of the Frequently Asked Questions

From the day you join, there is 15 days of trial.
  • NEWBIE: Have never earned more than £100 in a single month, therefore the tool is free
  • SUPPORTER: Have never earned more than £100 in a single month, but still subscribed to supported all the hardwork put on this software
  • PRO: Previously have earned more than £100 in a single month and paid for the subscription
  • PENDING: Previously have earned more than £100 in a single month, but has not yet paid for the subscription
We use Stripe for all our payments.
All the payments are processed anonymously to ensure privacy of our users.
  • Well for starters, we have an Android App and IOS App is on the way!
  • We will send you an email when you get new sales/KENP reads (you can always opt out from these mails).
  • We provide weekly updates.
  • Our tool is not an extension, it is a platform. That means that you can login via any device you want!
We will reply to you within 24 hours. No matter if it is weekend or holidays!
That's how committed we are to our users!
The main reason is because we are not after the money.
Also, we want to start small and slowly grow while keeping our price to the minimum. We only want to cover our development and server expenses.
You can delete your account at any time. It is very simple, you can head up to your Profile page and click "Delete account".
Once the account is deleted, all of the associated data will be deleted from our database automatically!
You can read our Privacy policy here that explains in detail what data is collected and used by KDP Champ!
Long story short, there is no need to worry, your data is encrypted and are not used for any other purpose other than notifying you and showing you statistics for new reads & sales.
Of course!
You can head to the Membership tab and click Cancel Subscription.
It will immediately be cancelled and you will still have access to your data until the date you have paid up to!
No. You can read our Privacy policy here that explains how we communicated with Amazon to ensure that we do no breach their terms of service.
Amazon has explicitly said that an author can use any third party software they want. Therefore, KDP Champ is safe to use! But as with any software, User's use of KDP Champ services are at User's sole risk.
You can contact us at [email protected] and we will reply to you within 24 hours!
Yes. Once you have atleast one month where you earned more than £100 you will be required to pay for future months.
Due to the many updates and changes introduced by Amazon and ourselves, you might experience some discrepancies.
The solution is as simple as removing your cookies from your account (this can ben done in your Profile page) and re-submitting them.
This will result in the alignment of your data with Amazon KDP.