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KDP Champ is the best amazon ads software ever used, and I have been using all of them for years. Nothing can compare with this software. Completely 100% in love with it and the customer attention is superior.

Raimon Samsó

Great app and a great team. The team are very responsive to issues and suggested improvements. I used to log into my Ads and KDP dashboard daily (at least once). Now, I have it all in one app and the key information on one screen

David Robertshaw
United Kingdom

Finally, a tool that lets me track my sales without having to constantly visit and refresh the KDP Dashboard page! I have grown so used to getting almost-instant emails with details on what I've sold and in which marketplace that you can now pry it from my cold, dead hands! Support is super-impressive too; the developer will respond back within minutes. All in all, an amazing tool for every self-published author!

Antonis Tsagaris

If it can't be measured, it can't be improved. KDP Champ helps you know what is happening with your books so you can make the necessary decisions. I've tried different applications that promise to help you keep track of your books' income/expenses, but in the end it's you who has to do all the work. With KDP Champ all you have to do is set up your account and that's it: graphs, KPI's, reports, ... the list is endless. My favorite feature, without a doubt: the notifications every time you make a sale!

Kevin Albert

I love this tool since start. Offered many ideas which have been implemented and so much more. My absolute favorite love kdp stats tool.

Daniel Gaiswinkler

Very easy to use dashboard to monitor your KDP sales, KU reads and the ads at once. Support is fantastic and very friendly. This tool makes my work much easier.

Andrea Instone

KDP Champ will help you boost your Publishing Business

Harness the power of KDP Champ's automated data aggregation to consolidate AD spending across Amazon and Facebook. Gain centralized insights for informed decision-making. Evaluate campaign profitability effortlessly and let KDP Champ handle royalty and spending association, freeing you to excel in your publishing business.

Ads Monitoring per ASIN
KDP Net royalties per ASIN

Efficiently analyze your books' performance with KDP Champ. Say goodbye to manual tracking as it seamlessly automates the process for you. Gain valuable insights into sales performance across book formats and marketplaces. Track royalties earned over time for a comprehensive financial overview.

Customize your dashboard with personalized widgets and KPIs to monitor new book releases and AD campaigns. Take control by adjusting the position of each KPI and customizing colors and metrics. Your Dashboard is your central hub, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

Journaling and Graph annotations

Chronologically create events and annotate them on all your graphs. Review these events in the future to identify patterns in your data and gain insights to improve your sales. Journaling capabilities enable you to meticulously track all the actions you've taken since you started self-publishing, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping.

Thoroughly analyze your Book Series and swiftly check your Sell-Thru/Read-Thru rates and revenue! Take advantage of our automated estimated profitable ACoS calculation for your Ads. Our platform will accurately calculate all these metrics for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

Journaling and Graph annotations
Year over Year stats

Unlock valuable insights into your Year over Year performance with our user-friendly platform. Seamlessly analyze your progress month by month, empowering you to identify trends, track growth, and make informed decisions with ease.