About Us

Who is the developer?

Hello there đź‘‹ My name is Eiri and I am a software engineer. I love programming revolutionary applications and contributing to the community! On my free time I go to the gym and play with my adorable cat Luna!

How did the KDP Champ idea start?

The inception of KDP Champ emerged during a period of lockdown, when there was ample personal time available. It was during this time that a conversation with my brother-in-law, a talented author, programmer, and dentist, brought to light a challenge he faced in publishing books on Amazon KDP—specifically, the lack of real-time sale notifications.
Leveraging my proficient programming skills, I embarked on developing a solution, giving birth to KDP Champ.
Since its inception, KDP Champ has undergone significant evolution and has emerged as the preferred tool for authors, enabling them to effectively analyze their net royalties.
Our commitment to empowering authors with comprehensive insights remains unwavering, solidifying KDP Champ's position as a valuable resource within the publishing industry.

What are we currently working on?

Besides from constantly providing support and introducing new features to KDP Champ, I am working on MBA Champ which is the equivalent of this service but for Merch by Amazon!

Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by our platform!
We are always open to suggestions and hope you will give KDP Champ a try!