How to use set up your KDP Champ Account with your Browser cookies

Steps to setup your account (with screenshots)


Hello users, you might be wondering "why do they need my browser's cookies?" or "what are these cookies?".
Well, the cookies are a bunch of letters combined with numbers that are used by most websites to verify your authenticity.
Cookies, at least for KDP, do not store any of your personal info (such as email, password, bank details etc.), they rather store your session-id, when you lastly logged in etc.
By giving us those cookies, we can use them to get your accounts sales report to be used by KDP Champ.

We will be encrypting those cookies, to provide an extra layer of protection.

Why we want your cookies and not your account Credentials? Because, it is much more secure, much faster and much more reliable to use cookies to extract your accounts sales.
Follow the tutorials below, to submit your cookies on your account and start tracking your sales!